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Our Mission

  • To become a bridge of compassion between the families of victims of terrorism and those who would like to reach out to them to show solidarity and offer support.


Our Aims

  • To help grieving families understand their needs and to reach out for help
  • To facilitate people wanting to support by providing them a practical platform
  • To unite people in their grief. TGD reaches out to all sects, religions and faiths and does not discriminate on these grounds
  • To go beyond rituals and clichés to focus on the practical reality of grief
  • To empower families, specially women
  • To establish support groups for families affected by terrorism in Pakistan


Statement of Trust

Relationships and connections formed through TGD are based on trust. There could be a risk that individuals could try and exploit TGD to get money, information or access to certain families. TGD will make every effort possible to avoid such issues however the ultimate responsibility will lie with the two parties as the role of TGD is that of a bridge or facilitator and cannot be held liable for fraudulent conduct.

TGD will ensure that both families asking for help, and those providing it shall remain anonymous if they so wish.


Announcing public appeal

Appeals may be announced on this website for a family which is not on the internet. If you feel you can help, contact us.


Your voice

  • Want to share a story?
  • Want to write something on this topic?
  • Want to start/join a support group?