This page provides useful links to issues related to terrorism:

The creation of The Grief Directory: The Grief Directory

An article on TGD by Sehr Sajjad: Matching grief with comfort

On insurance claims for victims of terrorism: A land of ‘natural’ murders

On compensation for the victims of terrorism: The Price of a Life

A short movie documenting the experiences, feelings and needs of people who have been closely affected by the violence of the Troubles, based on in-depth interviews and survey work conducted by the pioneering Cost of the Troubles Study, the first documentary to do so in Northern Ireland. Completed in 2000. Professor Marie Breen Smith And then there was silence

The Wave Trauma Centre, with financial assistance provided by the Northern Ireland Community Relations Council, commissioned a study and documentary in order to gain a better understanding of the lived experiences of those injured as a result of the Troubles in Northern Ireland. The study was commissioned from the University of Surrey who made contributions in kind of the time of the Principal Investigator, Marie Breen Smith. Northern Visions was commissioned to complete the accompanying film. Injured

Studies done on conflict by the Research Collective: